Welcome to BST

The BST team is dedicated to providing consumers with a finished product that is trustworthy, fast, precise, and tailored to present
and future needs in the field of decentralized finance. 
The BST team pledges to spend any cash invested in maintaining and improving its 
usefulness, as well as ensuring its long-term viability.
Utility Token 


Blockchain Script Translator is a Service provided by BST Ecosystem, which is a smart contract "translator" that makes user able to understdand smart contracts . By Holding BST our service is FREE. By providing this service to all users, from all current and future networks, we want to strengthen security for a more sustainable use of the blockchain.
BST also means : Blockchain Script Translator (our utility). Same Name , for an easyer user experience.
BNB Dividend


By Holding BST you get BNB Rewards !
Different Buy&Sell Taxes


Buy tax lower than sell to encourage Holding


Utility Updates


Team will continously update Blockchain Script Translator ( our Utility ) , to ensure all your future investments.
Live Dapp Utility



With Blockchain Script Translator , make your investments safer.
Locked Liquidity
Yearly Lock , for future Liquidity migrations to newest versions of Decentralised and Centralised Exchanges.
Confidence in our company generates a good atmosphere, good understanding, respect for commitments and agreements.
BST provides a safe platform for any user to explore, manage and 
measure their present and future crypto assets, based on the basic values of Trust, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Social Impact.
Undoxxed Team


Our team will remain anonymous to insure project security.
Tokenomics that encourages Holding


By rewarding Holders in BNB , BST team considers that it encourgaes Holding .
The second reason to reward in BNB is that you will always have enough BNB for your transactions.
Unique Dev & Marketing Wallet


Only one Wallet for Dev and Marketing : 0x61657f4248BA5ce78a06dc8fA4E420917B57C0C0